Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Maternal and Child Health Facility taking shape

It is so exciting to be here and see our new Maternal and Child Health facility rising up  from the ground.

This new building is 3 times larger than our existing primary health care facility and it is truly amazing to see this dream become a reality!
The new building is made of two halves connected by a breezeway .
One half provides a birthing facility for women and babies with two labour wards and a dedicated theatre for Caesarian section. This section also houses some admission areas for women and a newborn baby ward, as well as areas for women to attend pregnancy checks and receive health education.
The second half of the structure has several admission wards along with teaching facilities and an administration zone.

This second stage of Yotkom Medical Centre  is bring constructed through generous donations from Gateway Baptist Church in Australia and many  other donors who continue to help us achieve our vision to improve access and excellence in Primary Health Care in Northern Uganda.

Can we ask you to consider donating to our work.
We need continuing donor support, particularly as we seek to employ more senior medical staff to supervise the bigger facility.  We know our wages bill will increase.
We need to strive for excellent medical standards and this can only be achieved by recruiting more senior Ugandan medical professionals full time.
One of our key goals at Yotkom is self reliance , and we are pleased to report that our Yotkom primary health care facility , currently employing 32 staff, is right now  largely operating as a self reliant clinic due to the strategy of local income generation we have in place .
The bigger facility will put some financial strain on us initially but as it grows we believe we will also come close to self reliance.   In the meantime ,during this growth phase, we will be so appreciative of the giving  we receive from Australia to help us lift off!
thank you for  supporting us !

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