Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Friday, March 25, 2016

Preparing for our opening ceremony

Our Yotkom team from Australia have now been in Kitgum for 14 days
The team is made up of
Dr Andrew Wright
Anne Wright

Pat Holdsworth
Maree Holdsworth

It has been a very busy time and also quite a challenge dealing with very hot conditions over 40C most days. Its difficult to sleep at night. Power has been off for 3 days and our solar is under powered because of afternoon storms.

From the first day we arrived we have been working on several fronts.
  1. To make preparations for the opening ceremony on April 9th.

Time spent visiting important community members and sending out invitations as well as agreeing on a program, establishing a planning committee (essential in an African setting !) and making sure we have some traditional Ugandan singing and dancing .
Our chaplain, Rev Concy has played an important part in the process , guiding us, leading mee tings and ensuring we develop good relationships with community leaders.
  1. The second area of need is to identify structural areas needing attention in the Yotkom Medical Centre building. We are working with the builder, Andrew Kilama to see the contract expectations met and to do some extra work including tiling of consultation areas.
  2. Sterilisation procedures in the Medical Centre are being reviewed by Anne Wright. She has done some research prior to travelling to Kitgum and intends to implement changes to improve our practice in this area. Our Ugandan health workers are very supportive.
  3. Trainee Clinical Officers from South Sudan have joined us for four weeks and we have developed a program of tutorials for them and assigned them to specific areas of the medical centre for observation and mentoring.     
  4. CME lectures (Continuing Medical Education) have commenced with Andrew and Pat sharing the load. They will take place Monday Wednesday and Friday afternoons. 
  5. Pat has been teaching at SEVO (Samaritan Emergency Volunteer Organisation). A class of 25 volunteers from local villages have received his expertise in first aide including fracture management and CPR. He had expected to teach again next week however they are taking a break for a couple of weeks.  
  6. Maree is spending a lot of time at Yotkom Medical centre working alongside the administration staff and nurses. She so much enjoys building relationships and sharing knowledge and looking at ways we can improve our workplace. 
  7. We are thankful to our Australian IT guru Graham Hambly , who was online with us for several hours to help with our network problems. 
  8. Negotiation is under way to source a vehicle for Ambulance which could be based at the Yotkom Medical Centre. We are hopeful for a successful outcome.
  9. Meanwhile at our guesthouse site the renovation of the house is nearing completion and we will start making plans for a duplex construction shortly. This will house one of our medical staff and family as well as provide a place to stay for visitors from overseas.

It is very encouraging to see our team of health workers bonded together as a family with a united purpose to deliver high quality compassionate care to this community. They already have a developed a reputation for excellence and kindness.