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Friday, October 14, 2011

Battling the menace of Malaria

This morning when i walked into Peters consulting room he had a young girl lying on the floor with a high fever. She had slight jaundice and an enlarged spleen, but she also had some signs in her chest. We thought it may be Pneumonia but were able to order a Malaria smear on site and found she had a heavy infestation of parasites. It was good to be able to look down the microscope at the blue rings which scattered across the film and be able to make an accurate diagnosis. She was admitted to our day ward and given the latest and most efffective malaria therapy, intra  muscular artemether along with IV fluids and antibiotics for the pneumonia.  When I walked past her bed in the afternoonn she was looking so much brighter. Its times like this that all the work and obstacles and frustration is worthwhile !

A special photo tonight for Andrew and Rowena Rowe . I delivered a present they sent for baby Dennis. His mother was lying on the verandah with him tonight, recovering from a hernia operation. her face lit up with a smile when i delivered the gift!

Dennis gets his pressie from Weena

I love the african children , so here too  is a shot i took today of baby david who had the emergency surgery this week and is doing very well.
isnt he so cute? he smiled at me as i walked past and chatted to him today.


 My last day here today and all of a sudden has come the promise and potential of a new exciting partnership with local medical practitioners which has the potential to mmake a major contribution to primary health care here . It is a story of an amazing roller coaster ride which is too complicated to share at the  moment...but.. more details later...

Andrew and Doc Vincent talk about new possibilities

 The big bus trip tomorrow, with my travelling companion Doc Laurel, then a long flight home on Sunday. Thanks so much to you for your emails and messages and prayers and support
The last few days have been pretty tough going here . I have really felt the power of your prayers  , especially in the last couple of days when some pretty amazing lows and highs have been happening... but i am leaving with hope and believe i will be back !