Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Medical conditions in Uganda

Here at Yotkom Medical Centre we see a variety of presenting problems,
Trauma, lacerations , broken bones and burns are common.

We use our operating theatre to treat and our X-ray department to help diagnose
Our medical staff are able to manipulate fractures under anaesthesia and apply plasters to immobilise for healing.

We admit patients to our wards with various complaints, including malaria, pneumonia, seizures,
Babies and children are particularly susceptible to infections in this community and Yotkom Medical centre is able to deliver life saving therapy, sending these little ones home to their families .

We can also diagnose in our laboratory tuberculosis and other tropical diseases like schistosomiasis

Dental services begin at Yotkom

This November we are excited to be able to commence a dental service to the community .
The area we service has a population of over 300,000 and people with tooth ache and decay suffer so much without skilled interventions. The Yotkom Medical centre has employed Godfrey as a dentist and Annette as a dental assistant . We have set up a well equipped basic facility and plan to expand this.
In 2018, a dentist from Australia has indicated a willingness to come to Kitgum and assist with ongoing mentoring and teaching.
We believe this is a significant leap forward in our mission to bring wholistic high quality health care to northern Uganda.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Yotkom financial accountability

Yotkom is a registered Non Governmemt Organisation in Uganda.
We take our financial accountability seriously.
We undertake through our administration team to keep up to date financial records in the QuickBooks online accounting program. Our partner organisation in Australia is able to monitor income and expenses on a regular basis.
Recently an experienced accountant , Tim, came to audit our bookwork  and to assist us to prepare end of year financial statememts for the Ugandan taxation authority.
It was an intensive two days, and there was a celebration at the end !

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Yotkom Canteen nears completion

It is going to be very exciting to open our new Africa style Yotkom canteen in the next three weeks.
Final touches are being added. Plumbing . Electricity and equipment.
This facility will help our staff , patients and carers to access good quality food in a timely manner. It is also a potential local income generating source for our project.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Update May 2017

Andrew and Anne Wright are working on site with the Yotkom Uganda team throughout May and June.
One of our initial challenges has been to work hard to re-open our radiology services.
Here in Northern Uganda, the authorities have suddenly clamped down hard on hospitals and medical clinics, raising the standards expected within Xray facilities.
Consequently all the facilities (including Government and Private Hospitals and clinics) servicing a population of over 500,000 people have been closed.
Yotkom receives so many patients who require x rays to assist with diagnosis.
We use these for diagnosing broken bones and  infections like Pneumonia and Tuberculosis.
Osteomyelitis in the Skull Bone

We are struggling to meet these newly imposed standards as quickly as possible.
Thankfully we have been able to get assistance from a medical engineer and a radiographer and we have refitted our room and ordered lead from Kenya and procured  barium paint to apply to our walls.
It is quite an undertaking and costly. The lead for a door and a small window costs over $1000 USD.
We appreciate your support as we tackle this issue.
X Ray room windows need to be bricked up
While all this work goes on, our clinical team continue to see patients and receive ongoing education and upskilling.

Dr Charles Abonga is a Physician and a Yotkom director who spends time teaching an training the junior staff. He is also undertaking a Chronic Disease Management clinic where patients in this community with Diabetes, Heart Disease,, Hypertension, TB, HIV and other long term conditions can be more closely monitored under the supervision of a specialist physician.

Our leadership team are also meeting regularly to put in place a leadership structure which will provide a strong foundation for growth and provide the necessary professionals to supervise the proposed expansion into maternal and child health and expanded inpatient services.

It is our prayer that all patients will receive a warm welcome and the best of medical care at Yotkom Medical Centre.!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Find out more about the YOTKOM VISION to improve access and excellence in health care in Northern Uganda

Watch :     two  short videos  to explain some of the recent work of Yotkom Uganda
                (with thanks to Nick Paton )

The Yotkom story Part 1

The Yotkom story Part 2


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YOTKOM is  aiming to direct future funds to 3 key areas :

1. Construction of a  Maternal and Child Health facility

2. A Sponsorship program to train and equip more local medical workers.
We have identified particular needs  in the area of dentistry , physiotherapy and ultrasonography.

3. A  Compassionate fund to provide financial assistance for the very poor  to access life saving surgical  or medical interventions.
( see our story below about Brian and Godfrey)

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