Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Friday, October 31, 2014

The YOTKOM UGANDA leadership team

We have just had a Directors meeting for the Yotkom project at my home base here in Kitgum and I am feeling very blessed to be working with such a great team. There is  a real sense of unity and shared vision among us. Listening to my colleagues share in the meeting is so heartening. I feel it is a real privilege to work with my Ugandan  friends here and it will be with some sense of loss that I leave to return to Australia on Sunday.

Our leadership team today consisted of Dr Vincent Oringa, Clinical Officers Peter Omara and Richard Yulam, Chaplain Concy Amigo, Engineer and Architect  Andrew Kilama and myself.
 Dr Charles Abonga was unable to join us due to his ongoing specialist training in Mbarara in Western Uganda.  These people have commitment, passion, integrity and enthusiasm .
They are formidable !

Its been four weeks of  busy activity as we strengthen our foundations and prepare for a building project in 2015. We are ready and have done our part. We now need to trust and pray that God will provide all that is needed in the way of resources through the generous giving of our partners in Australia.
We believe with the addition of a building constructed to house our medical team we can provide a high quality , compassionate and sustainable health care facility to the disadvantaged community of Kitgum.

our focus is on CARING FOR THE SICK

TEACHING AND TRAINING-  Surgeon Dr Moses works alongside Clinical Officer Richard performing procedures
PREVENTATIVE HEALTH and COMMUNITY EDUCATION - our Nurse and Chaplain share on FM Radio about Womens Health issues