Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Friday, January 18, 2013

Container exasperation !

Here we are in hot dusty and dry Kitgum, staying with Lois Ford at her project for children at risk, called Tender Trust. Lois and her African team cares for over 100 children, many of whom have disabilities. we admire her !

The container from Australia, laden with much needed  equipment for Lois and medical technology for local clinics has been a major concern to us.
It has spent 3 weeks in Kampala , stuck in a mire of bureaucracy, forms, procedures and payments. Graham Carter has been making many phone calls and seeking help from all quarters to have it released.
Finally yesterday , he had to make the long 9 hour trip back down to Kampala to personally meet officials and try to get the container delivered here before he leaves for Australia. He is spending his birthday waiting patiently in an office right now as I write this .We are praying for a breakthrough!
Andrew Purcell has been spending some time working with Justin and Peter in the Yotkom Drug Shop to improve the business and work on ways of increasing sales and profits which can be channeled back into the project..

Andrew P  is also having a wondeful time playing games with the children at Tender Trust and immersing himself in the African experience.
Andrew Wright has been spending time with each of the team members of Yotkom and getting valuable feedback, identifying strengths, weaknesses and challenges !
Yesterday we went with Andrew Kilama , the engineer , to visit the land on which we hope to build a future clinic. We are considering doing some preliminary levelling of the land and construction of a retaining wall, as well as a small structure to be used for storage and to accommodate John Achola and his family who live on the site, They have been "minding" the site for the past 9 years.

Today, a representative from the solar installation company travelled up from kampala to give on site advice in preparation for a proposed building commencement on Monday or Tuesday next week. It will take about 2 days . We have located a good area on the roof with lots of sun exposure and a secure site for the batteries to be stored.  It is clear that the solar will make a considerable difference to the medical clinic functioning. One of the nurses shared with me today her continuing frustration at trying to assess and treat  sick or injured patients with a little torch  in the night when power is out. Imagine trying to put an IV canula in a child or do a wound dressing under these conditions!
Thankyou Gateway Baptist church for the funds to construct solar.