Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meeting the top brass

Peter (CO), Andrew and Benson (RN)
 I am enjoying working with my african colleagues. We are seeing some patients together and getting familiar with computer records.
This morning at 9am Peter and I walked to the district health officer and met with the director , Dr Alex Olwedo ,to discuss the assistance we may receive from Government sources. He was very freindly and helpful , promising to forward our documents of registration to Kampala and indicating that next financial year we will be eligible for Government grants.  We are also able to freely obtain all vaccinations from the Health Department and administer these at the clinic.  We are awaiting the purchase of a suitable fridge. We had decided on one in Kampala but had to cancel at the last minute as it became evident that frequent power failures would be a major risk to our vaccines. So, we are searching for the right dual electric and gas powered fridge. Thankfully a donor in Australia has forwarded funds to pay for this for which we are very thankful. Having the fridge will allow the clinic to do effective preventive health care and potentially save many children from sickness and death as a result of preventable diseases like measles, polio, whooping cough and meningitis.

meeting the local brass
 Today we had an inservice training for the medical team and Benson, one of our comprehensive nurses did a very informative talk on vaccinations and maintaining the cold chain.

I am having some concerns about one member of the health team here and will be needing some discernment regarding his future.

Tomorrow night Peter and I will be on FM radio to do health promotion. We may also take the opportunity to explain about the new health facilities at IGF and invite more access by the wider community.  Tomorrow I will be joined by Dr Laurel Coleman  from the US and it will be good to work with her and explore ways that we can co operate in supervision and teaching of the health services here.  I must admit at times I am feeling somewhat stressed and overwhelmed by the troubles and problems that people share with me here. There are sometimes expectations that i can help but I just have to accept i have limited resources.  Also plans dont always go smoothly and obstacles crop up. There is a saying here when things go all topsy turvy and awry, and the best laid plans get stuffed up !!.. "TIA": This is africa !