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Friday, August 31, 2018

Pat and Maree Holdsworth at YOTKOM MEDICAL CENTRE

We are thankful for Pat and Maree who are  spending.  four weeks at the Yotkom Medical Centre.

In Australia they are key board members within our Yotkom organisation and over many years have had a lot of experience working in Africa and especially in Northern Uganda.
During these next few weeks , they will be seeking to encourage and mentor our Ugandan team and to monitor and observe areas where we can improve our quality of health care provision to the community.
Here is part of a recent email they sent back to us in Australia:
Building progress at Maternal and Child Health facility:

We caught up with the Ugandan builder, Patrick this morning. The plastering of walls is completed they are still working on the cornices. Chipping of the floors in the first room has started in preparation for final floor surface to be laid. Outside near generator the retaining wall / stormwater drainage is finished and plastering the brick wall along fence line will be completed tomorrow. Along building wall Amos , the plumber , is laying waste pipes and when this is completed painting of the generator building will be done. The next week they will start digging the water tank hole and prepping for the stand.

The Yotkom Compassion fund was used this week following the guide lines set out. Two children arrived at Yotkom referral from Government hospital as their X-ray facility is still out. The children a young boy aged 6 and his sister aged about 10 had walked 25 miles with just enough money to cover consultation and x-ray but not for treatment. Dr Robert and Patrick thought he had a dislocated elbow and had a great deal of pain. Dr Robert and Patrick  agreed he could not go that distance back home without treatment. We had a meeting with Peter Omara and came to the decision that it was appropriate to access the fund for the well being of the boy. They were also given money for safe transport home

Dr James , our Orthopaedic Clinician , was very pleased to receive a  drill from Australia.
Dentist Godfrey was very excited and thankful to receive the equipment sent from Australia He quickly put into service