Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot, dusty and pressing in.

Doc you can do it!!!!

General feeling today has been flat and a bit of a struggle. Andrew W and Andrew R are soldiering on in this place but the boys are becoming weary. It is a full time job keeping the morale up here but I am doing my best. The boys get a little unruley at times and need a firm talking to but generally they are able to step up to the mark and do a good job.
Work commenced today on the new incinerator. Very exciting as this has been a project on the "back burrner" for sometime. The boys are very proud of there achievements. This will bring some much needed changes and address some important health risks. The young students here at CKS are doing an amazing job. They are so keen to help and I think they have really enjoyed the teaching and encouragement. It has been awesome to set them to different tasks to advance their skills.
Constructing new medical waste incinerator
Today we discovered some great furniture which had been donated and was in the store room. There are some desks and cabinets and chairs which will be suitable for the OPD rooms.
AW and AR spent some time with Irene and Alfred tossing around the plans for a possible future Hospital on site for maternal and child health.
AW  did some inservice education on management of childhood illnesses with the medical team.
Tomorrow night we hope to go out for tea to Fuglys as our cook will be away. Hopefully we dont get lost this time. 
The electrician on site is planning to connect the OPD to power which will be great and we will be selecting plug sites etc in the morning.
Time is ticking down till the Rowes leave on Wednesday for the long bus trip to Kampala.

Hospice kids do some colouring in