Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Friday, August 7, 2015

Proud of our dedicated team saving lives

On our busy morning round of admitted patients we had to climb over people sleeping on the floors and carers with bowls of food prepared for the sick. The place is buzzing .
We examined a young child admitted the night before with severe life threatening malaria , convulsions and high fever and it struck me the difference these young clinical officers are making to children and families here. Without access to life saving intravenous medications offered in our medical centre , these little children would certainly die.
Later in the day , I asked Nancy, one of  the young medical officers here  what had motivated her to go through all the struggles necessary to study medicine . She told me she had been moved by what she had witnessed of sickness and suffering as she grew up in  rural Uganda and  decided  she wanted to be an instrument used by God to save lives
 . It was good to be able to encourage her and reflect  on the little children on our ward round this morning that she had diagnosed, treated and cured.
It is a real privilege to be here working alongside these dedicated compassionate people.
Thanks to all those in Australia who support our project. You are making a difference to so many people in need here through your generosity.

Laboratory technician taking blood sample for malaria testing 

Rendering of New Yotkom Medical clinic exterior walls 
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