Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Its all still happening

Local shoppers in downtown Kitgum

Some  exciting things happened today.
The Outpatient department continues to be painted out, the carpenters are making up some benches (out of mahogeny!) for the laboratory and pharmacy. We also moved some beds and examination couches into the rooms which was exciting.  Tonight on the FM radio we advertised for a clinical officer and laboratory technician today so we are praying and hopeful to get some applications and perhaps interview. AW spent some time with Franscisco , a Comprehensive Nurse who is currently doing practice management and we talked about job descriptions and  work contracts and roles and responsibilities which was very helpful.
For quite some  time Franscisco has been encouraging the admin to build a proper incinerator for medical waste disposal and we have managed to get this project started with the potential inspection for government approval pending.  This upcoming inspection has also encouraged everyone in the AIDs hospice to have a huge tidy up and morale has been boosted which is good to see.

There is some news which has been very exciting.  AW approached a medical software company, Best Practice to provide a free licence to the clinic here at Childcare and also another nearby clinic, The Bregma Clinic which is headed up by a Ugandan Doctor, Dr Vincent.  AW has known him for 10 years and would like to help him improve his medical centre. The software program will make it possible to improve patient management and draw out results, demographics and possibly some research. It was awesome to get the email today 24hrs after my request  saying they would be happy to assist !  I have a copy here on my computer !

Today, Rowena walked into town with another guest and almost expired from the heat, looking like a beetroot when she staggered in at midday. They did some shopping in the market. 

unloading bricks for the waste incinerator
Andrew R feels he has been running all over the place being the "go to" man.  AW gives him lists of things to build and organise to aid the completion of the project  and he always comes through ! In contrast AW had one job designated today to put out the water container for refilling so we could all wash tonight but unfortunately he let the team down  !!  He was also discovered using the last jerry can of water to shower himself while Rowena remained cherry red , dehydrated and crusty !
 Meanwhile, AR wanted to have a test run in the wheel chair but Fransisco thought he would need two !

Vincent, a young man being sponsored through medical school in Algeria has arrrived tonight to stay here for 3 months on his university break and that has been great to see him again.
It will be good for Vincent and AW to work alongside each other for the next two weeks.
Andrew with Vincent, Med Student