Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday celebration

I love going to church in Uganda. Today We enjoyed the fellowship , worship and singing at St Josephs Catholic Church. The acoustics are beautiful in this old building which the mission constructed in 1915. Inside there are distinctively african murals and stained glass. Dr Vincent drove us to the 7am english service and we passed many people walking up the road to join us. Inside there were at least 2000 people.

Lat night a visiting technician from Uganda was doing some running repairs on the Bregma Clinic Ultrasound machine donated from Australia. We needed  a spotlight to shed some light on the innerds as the power was off..again. Its  a complex electronic structure. It would be a big help if it could get going.

We had a Yotkom leadership meeting yesterday and all were in agreement regarding the need for a pastoral care / chaplain for the project. We have some names on the short list and we are meeting someone tonight who may be the right person.

Malcolm and Shirley are leaving Kitgum tomorrow.
Shirley has done a wonderful job with the Yotkom and Drug Shop accounts. She has put some processes in place which will help us to keep up with reporting and accountability.
Anne and I will remain on here till Friday.
Another storm is brewing as I write. Most nights we have had rain and storms. Nice when you are safe inside listening to the rain on the roof.  We are trusting for a good use of time here remaining.
Thanks for all those supporting us and praying for us.

Shirley here reporting in on our last night in Kitgum, enjoying the cooling day from the front verandah of our house.  Also enjoying the last of the daylight as when the sun goes down we will be in complete darkness ....still/again ........ we are very grateful to Lucas for providing us with torches .... also enjoying the outdoors before today's thunderstorm hits (better than yesterday when we had 3 storms in 24 hours) ...... also while the computer still has some battery life.  It has been an amazing journey for Malcolm and I and we would recommend the experience and adventure.  It will be sad leaving tomorrow.  We miss Laurel, Lynette and Hannah who should all be back on home turf now.  We will also miss Andrew and Anne, having had our meals together for two weeks now.  May all you supporters be greatly blessed, you are contributing to a wonderful and worthwhile vision.