Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Monday, October 10, 2011

Visiting an amazing Kiwi

Lois Ford is an amazing Kiwi woman who has been working in Kitgum for some years. She has a  project called Tender Trust  which provides residential care to about 100 disadvantaged, at risk and in many cases disabled young children. Steve Curtis Ch children and she has Ugandan assistants on site. We visited and Lois treated us to a feast of western food which she prepared in her kitchen. Thankyou Lois , it was soooo good! I was expecting beans and pocha (maize) but a real surprise to have shepherds pie, cooked tomatos, cole slaw, rasperry cordial, plunger coffee and finished off with banana cake.  MMm ..highlight of the day!
Its always very emotional visiting Lois and meeting her children because they have so many struggles.  Also, she is caring for Ben, a young man who had shrapnel in his neck inflicted in the Kampala terrorist bomb blast about 12 months ago. He has been left with a serious spinal injury, meaning he has very little movement in his arms and none below the neck He also needs a tracheostomy tube permanently. He is a lovely guy . We spent some time with him and prayed with him.

During our visit the children were playing happily  in their yard, collecting water from the water bore, having a wash after the hot day, and then enjoying some food prepared in their big kitchen,.

After that we could here them singing downstairs while we chatted together upstairs, at times in the dark, due to the power going out.

It was a good time.