Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Generator fully functional

Malcolm spent most of today working with a local Mechanic, Samuel on the generator at Bregma Medical Clinic which has been out of action for many months. We brought essential parts from Australia and relied on valuable advice from one of the Yotkom support team, Lucas Levy along the way.  The parts fitted perfectly and Malcolm was very impressed with Samuels skills and ability to improvise. An electrician helped to hook everything up to the switchboard. This will greatly assist the smooth operation of the clinic during frequent power outages, especially with medical devices and diagnsotic equipment which require more power than the solar can deliver. The Xray machine is a prime example.  Dr Vincent and the team are very excited to see this new development in capacity.

Unfortunately, malcolm missed out on a beautiful lunch prepared by Winnie, the wife of John Paul Kiffasi,  chief administrator at IGF/ Childcare. 

They kindly invited us all over for a meal in their home and it was s special opportunity to reconnect with the IGF team and hear more about their direction, vision and plans for the future, especially in the provision of health care  services to this community.
We also enjoyed hospitality at the home of our clinical officer, Peter spending time with his wife Sheila, son Shadrack and Mother Bensi.

Earlier in the day some of the medical team attended St Josephs Hospital. Childrens Ward, Medical and Surgical Wards

Dr Vincent  was very excited to receive the XRAY plates sent over by Sue Reid after her recent time in Kitgum. This will help the Bregma Clinic Xray capacity.