Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Monday, July 23, 2012

Richard Gladys and Atim find a home

Richard rides his bike about 45minutes to work
we hope this will be his new home -two rooms on the second floor

Richard was sponsored to study as a clinical officer at Mbale University in the East of Uganda. He graduated in June this year and it is good to see him returning to Kitgum to work in Primary health care. He enjoys being part of the team at Bregma clinic and he has an opportunity to learn more from more experienced health professionals in a very supportive environment with good work ethics. His family village is a  45 minute bicycle ride across a bumpy dirt road, often with the threat of being caught in a thunderstorm or having his good clothes spattered with mud. There are also safety concerns with him cycling home after a late shift, and the added cost of finding food for a lunch break. We have been searching for suitable accommodation for him and his little family, Gladys and Atim and I know people have been praying at home for this.
little baby Atim Anne is now 4 weeks old
So today we found a place which we believe will suit them fine and is only 5 minutes walk from the medical clinic where he works. It is 2 rooms on the first floor and has an enclosed secure courtyard . There are two pit latrines shared by about  10 families. Water will have to be carried about 500metres for washing drinking and cleaning. Cooking will be on a charcoal fire outside. It will cost 70,000 shillings per month ( about $28). Richard is very excited about being able to have his own home.
the 2 room rental

small balcony outside looks down onto communal courtyard. there is no railing around the balcony though !
out the window it is possible to see the place where Peter, the other CO at Bregma,  lives so they are close by to support each other.