Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Friday, October 7, 2011

Geoffrey is our sponsor child at IGF, He is attending the vocational training school and was having lots of difficulties getting to classes on time as he lives about 12km out of town and has to walk to and fro. Anne and I decided to give him a push bike and he was very happy when I presented it to him today!
We are working hard to get a functioning pharmacy and establish an accountable storage process. Janet Riessen from South Australia has worked in pharmacy dispensing so has been an invaluable asset at the current time.
Janet with Benson and Justin (our book keeper) in the pharmacy
The shelves have been set up and our existing drugs put in some order. We have an order for 1 month supplies, due to be delivered next Tuesday .

I spent a lot of time pursuing and stalking all the builders and administrators in an attempt to get some half finished jobs completed. I find this exhausting but necessary.

I am spending some time with each of the health workers listening to their concerns.  WE had a meeting of all the nursing staff today and heard about many challenges .

Doc Laurel and I are going to spend some time this weekend , reviewing the week to date and coming up with some proposals to bring to JP and Irene next week

Joel doing some microscope work in the lab
The gospel singer, Exodus and his wife Brenda as well as co singers Gilbert, Jimmy and Titus are here in Kitgum for the weekend to participate in a music festival. It is Independence Day.

George and Brenda in Kitgum