Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Growing relationships, resources and self reliance

Yotkom has a vision to partner together to improve access and excellence in primary health care services in Northern Uganda.
We seek to focus on building relationships, resources and self reliance.
Strong relationships are so important to the health of our team.
One of our shared values is honesty and respect.
Part of developing this type of work culture has been the introduction of an online time clock for improving punctuality and reliability.  This approach to the work place is not that common in an African setting , but we are happy to say that our people are embracing the new technology wwith enthusiasm.
Thanks to TimeClockWizard we are much more able to track everyones movements and attendance records.
We are building good relationships with national medical insurance companies and now have three of the bigger groups who have inspected our facilities and recommended us to their clients. People in the district have also been lobbying their insurers to work with Yotkom because of our reputation for excellence and compassionate care.

We recently signed an agreement with IAA. The biggest medical insurer in Uganda.
These partnerships will help us with sustainability and self reliance and also make it possible for us to keep user fees as low as possible for the most disadvantaged.
Thankyou to those who have given donations to help us to acquire the equipment and resources we need to make this project strong.  For instance, our computer network has come together as a result of a constant trickle of donated laptops from Australia and the assistance of IT professionals to set up our system. Our network is being  used for on line accounting software, the new timeclockwizard , our medical software program for doctors and for accessing useful medical information and reasearch.
The internet also allows instant sharing of on site clinic  information with Australian directors.

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