Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My work here is almost done

Malnourished child from Sudan
The medical superintendent at St Josephs Hospital has aked me to come and help in the childrens ward at some time next year. I spent some time there today with Dr Laurel and it brought back memories of  working there in 2003. I enjoy working with children and will give some consideration to returning and being involved with the 100 bed ward, the nutritional unit and a planned neonatal ward.  There have been some significant improvements in the hospital since i worked there and there is a good atmosphere there.  There is a lot of need.
Today we saw a little 1.8kg premature baby being nursed in very simple surroundings with no technology. You have to be tough to survive here!

premature baby 1.8kg with mum on the floor

 LAst night we had the privelege of visiting the home of the IGF Clinical Officer, Peter, meeting his wife Sheila and son Shadrak as well as his mother. What a simple life he lives outside of work!  I really admire this guy.
The clinic at IGF is now functioning well and can operate independently under the direction of Peter.  My "to do" list is complete with all the half finished jobs from my last visit tidied up and patients from the community being seen. the pharmacy is also working well. Please pray that the team here will work well together and be effective and receive support from the IGF administration in their work.  My influence is going to be significantly reduced when I leave on Saturday.

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