Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teary Day

Another day over in Kitgum. A day of fun and tears as AR & RR said farewell to their new friends here at CKS. AR tidied up the last of the projects that he started but AW had other ideas ...can you please just organise this last thing for me it isn't a very big job he said. We need a fence around the medical waste pit near the Aids Hospice so no one can fall in and we can pass the inspection on Friday at 10 am. I was told at 9am but God has worked another miracle and they had started by 10am and the job was complete at 5pm.
Black and White hands overlap to cut celebratory cake!
The vocational students finished painting the OPD while others worked on the mahogany bench tops for the pharmacy. Meanwhile AW & RR took a bus load of patients up to the Bregma clinic for xrays and other tests. They also went to the local Government Aids Unit to have some children tested for Aids. It will take four weeks to get the results. When they arrived back we all headed down to the Aids Hospice where they had organised a farewell/celebration party. Farewell for Rowena and Andrew and celebration for the opening of the OPD. Irene came and cut the ribbon as part of the official opening it was fantastic to see it all come together.
Official cutting of ribbon at OPD
The nurses organised all the party food.... we thought chips lollies etc but not here in Kitgum! They had chapati, bananas,soft drink,chocolate cake and the hi-light was boiled eggs. They sang us songs the nurses got dressed up in their best clothes which they would only do on Sunday for church it was a real celebration. It was a very moving afternoon. Tomorow AR & RR head for Kampala on an eight hour bus trip over pot holed filled roads. Then an overnight stay before leaving Thursday afternoon for home arriving back in Brisbane at 12:45 am Saturday morning. Mean while Poor Dr G is left all alone with his freinds in Kitgum please continue to pray for us and him Thankyou for all your prayers and support. AR & RR signing off from Kitgum see you all back in Oz.

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