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Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All alone !!

Sorry, no pictures today as we have been relying on Rowena snapping most of them and today her and Andrew deserted me !  It was sad to say goodbye to my team mates. We have had an amazing journey together and been very close and experienced a real unity of purpose. Its been great to share and debrief together at regular intervals and i have really enjoyed our morning devotions.  The release of endorphins during episodes of hilarious laughter has also been therapeutic.  So, after an early breakfast I watched as our driver took A, R and Terri up to the bus park. Hopefully by now they are enjoying luxury living at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala after a bone crushing trip over the world s worst highway !
I do confess to some significant feelings of sadness at the beginning of today.
However, God is good and I know I  am here for a purpose and, on looking back, it has been a very good day.
I spent some time in a meeting with the senior medical team here discussing the applications we have received for a clinical officer and also making preparations for an accreditation visit from the local health department which will occur either on friday or Monday.
We have a candidate who sounds very promising for Clinical Officer and he will be interviewed on Saturday.
At lunch time i was able to skype Anne and my friend John Warlow and also Graham hambly, my IT consultant who is helping me get the necessary bits together to set up a small computer network in the new clinic . I am really praying that my friend Graham Carter who is coming to Uganda in the next few days can bring some computer parts and an installation CD to help get things going here.
This afternoon i travelled up town with Vincent and  Ronald (the electrician) to get all the electrical equipment to fit out the OPD. We also went to the Bregma Clinic with some sputum sample from one of our patients and had our suspicions confirmed when we looked under the microscope in the lab at her sample and saw TB organisms.  This young girl of 14 will need to be transferred to the hospital tomorrow for 2 weeks inpatient care.
Tonight after a refreshing shower to remove dirt and grime I have been up to the Boma Hotel for a chicken meal with some other OZ visitors, Benson, Vincent, Walter and Irene.
I had a really good time of sharing with Irene before going out as we sat out in the shade together  for about an hour talking about our dreams and visions for the health services here.
I am trusting that the remaining days will see completion of the infrastructure project here and the establishment and strengthening of a great team of caring medical professionals who will do so much to respond to the huge  needs here. 

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