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Monday, March 25, 2019

April Australian visitors to Yotkom

On March 29th , Dr Andrew Wright will be accompanied to Uganda by Jo ( a midwife ) and Kate ( a Paediatric Nurse ) .
Andrew, Jo, Kate, Phil

In April they will be joined by Phil, a builder and project manager from Australia who will help finalise the last stage of the Yotkom Maternal and Child Health project construction.
We are planning to move into the new building within a month.

Maternal and Child Health and Hospital admission facility nearing completion
Current primary health care facility seeing 300 patients per week

The team from Brisbane will be joined by Richard and Denise from Western Australia.
Richard and Denise
Denise is a midwife and Richard a business manager and both have made a commitment to live and work with our Ugandan team on a permanent basis starting in April.
Our goal is to partner together over the next two months  to interview and  recruit Ugandan midwives and establish firm policies, procedures and clinical guidelines  for the commencement of maternal and child health services at Yotkom Medical Centre..

We also intend to work toward starting an anaesthetic service  and building the capacity of our operating theatres to undertake surgical, orthopaedic and obstetric cases.
This year we are asking donors to consider helping us with the purchase of essential equipment needed to undertake these services.

Pastors John and James from Tasmania will be travelling to Uganda to visit South Sudanese communities in Refugee camps in Northern Uganda. They will be sharing on reconciliation and healing after trauma and dislocation.  Over Easter they will be conducting training seminars for Yotkom leaders and the team of medical and support staff.
James and John

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