Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Australians on the ground in Northern Uganda: November 2018

Over the next 6 weeks there will be several Australians spending time with our Ugandan colleagues at Yotkom Medical Centre.

On October 26th, Dr Andrew Wright will be travelling to Kitgum with Phil, an Australian builder who has been supervising the construction of the Maternal and Child Health facility .
Phil has made several visits to the site to work alongside  Patrick , our Ugandan builder and his construction team.
The facility is nearing completion with painting now having commenced and tiling about to start.
There has been a lot of digging of underground water catchment tanks.

On November 3 rd, Anne Wright, Shirley Kampe and Lynne Pemberton will travel together to Uganda from Australia.

Shirley Kampe is the Treasurer of Yotkom Uganda Ltd in Australia and will be working with the African administration team  to audit the financial records on Quickbooks. An end of year financial statement for  Yotkom in Uganda will be prepared, suitable for submission to the Ugandan taxation department.   This will also be useful for accountability and transparency in Australia so that donors can see clearly our financial expenditures.

Lynne Pemberton will be taking a particular interest in working alongside our Yotkom chaplain, Rev Concy Amigo and encouraging her in her work. She will also be building closer relationships and contributing to team education and mentoring.

Anne Wright will be spending much of her time reviewing , monitoring and evaluating policies and procedures , especially in the operating theatre, with the sterilisation and  vaccination process being of particular concern . Her past experience working in an Australian General Practice on the accreditation process is being put to good use.

Anne, Shirley and Lynne are all directors on the board of management of the Yotkom charity in Australia so we thank them for their willingness to be with the Ugandan team for these weeks and gain a better understanding of the project as well as making some very valuable contributions to the work being done .

In mid November, Richard Nicholls will be joining us from Western Australia.
Richard (who has a background in law, business administration and disaster management ) and his wife Denise ( a midwife)  are looking at ways they can contribute to the work of Yotkom Uganda in 2019.

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