Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Monday, April 13, 2015

Excited about the future and how we can together make a difference.

After over 10 weeks living and working in Kitgum Uganda, Andrew and Anne Wright are returning to Australia.
Andrew plans to  come back to Uganda in July.
We are feeling excited about the future of the Yotkom Uganda project.
It is very encouraging to work with such a great  team of healthcare professionals.
There is a real sense of unity and shared vision amongst our leadership who want so much. to create a centre  of hope and healing ,providing high standards of health care to this community.
We are working in a part of the world where there is the greatest need for medical intervention.
Subsaharan Africa has  25 % of the worlds disease burden and only 3% of the worlds health professionals and 1% of the worlds health expenditure.
 Infectious diseases like malaria and tuberculosis are common here. Add to this the burden of HIV AIDs which affects approximately one in five people.  Then factor in the rising tide of non communicable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease . And remember in the community of Northern Uganda  live many  of the very poor, with about 40% living below the  United Nations   poverty  line  defined as. less s than $1 US per day.
Northern Uganda is recovering from twenty years of civil war and the unemployment rate is over 60%..
We know The need is great. Living here we have witnessed this first hand ...and it has  had a profound impact on us.
We have a lot of faith that our project can help meet the  need and at the same time show Gods love through compassionate,wholistic health care.
The construction of  the Yotkom Bregma Medical  Centre  is well underway with foundations being poured in APRIL . The walls have been erected in JUNE and the roof is due to be placed in early JULY.
Yotkom  Medical Centre . June 2015

 We have a lot of admiration and confidence in our  building project manager , Andrew Kilama  to complete the task to a high standard  by October 2015.
We need another $25,000 AUS by then to complete the construction .
Please consider donating toward this  by clicking on the  GIVE NOW tax deductible link on the right hand side of this  web page.
The medical team of 30 currently working in rented facilities are very excited about the pending move.
On our worksite we have a chaplain who is providing pastoral care to our builders and labourers. His name is Fearless !

About one kilometre from the medical centre site we have prepared some land for the future construction of a guesthouse facility which will accommodate  teachers, trainers and facilitators who wish to spend some time working with our  Yotkom .Uganda health project.  We believe there are many people in Australia and elsewhere who would like to spend time here,, Sharing their knowledge and skills  in the fields of medicine, surgery, nursing, allied health,, business, counselling, information technology  and many others.
We would love to start building g this facility in 2016!

X Ray facilities are critical to the effective functioning of our medical centre,  there are many patients who present daily with orthopaedic problems such as fractured bones and dislocations as  a result if road traffic accidents or  injuries at home and in the work place.
X Rays assist the doctors greatly in diagnosing and treating.
The machines draw a lot if power so our solar system cannot cope with the demand.  The network power is disrupted frequently so we have wanted a generator for sometime to minimise work disruption.
 We want to thank so many generous people who gave specifically to this purchase !

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