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Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Full day Team Building Seminar went beyond our expectations

We had an amazing day together as a team of combined Yotkom and Bregma Clinic health workers. Neil Shuker led us through some very worthwhile sessions where we discovered more about our personalities and strengths and gained more understanding of each other. There was a lot of sharing by all the participants and a genuine spirit of hunger for personal growth and an improved work environment where the values of compassion, honesty, respect and excellence in service would define us.
There were 20 participants which was a significant turnout given it was a Saturday and some of the Bregma nursing and medical staff had to remain in  the clinic seeing patients.
Our new Chaplain, Walter spent the whole day with us and shared some inspirational words which really complemented the theme running through Neil's presentations. It has been very encouraging!
Neil shares about values and shapes
Andrew Kilama and Vincent participate in session

Pastor Walter shares some inspirational words
We shared  a great Acholi smorgasbord lunch


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