Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Specific needs to facilitate primary health care outreach in Kitgum

The last couple of weeks of working and living with our Yotkom Health team has revealed some specific needs which would provide a boost to the health service.
These include
A dedicated Vaccination fridge:  Our vaccination team consists of Andrew and Oliva and at the moment they share a fridge with the path lab but this is not ideal. A new fridge and thermometer would cost around $250

Another computer desktop for the Bregma Clinic to allow dr Vincent to connect to the network in his office and have more free access to the Best Practice patient Software program.
This could be purlchased in Kampala and installed by our local IT man.
Cost would be $450

A biochemical analyser for the Bregma /Yotkom  laboratory. This would allow patient blood to be tested for electrolyes and liver function
Cost $2500

A Haematology analyser for calculating red and white cells and differential counts, helping in diagnosing serious bacterial infection.
Cost $10,000

The addition of pathology equipment also provides some income in the form of patient charges which can help support the clinical services offered.

Thanks to our supporters for your donations to date. Please consider assisting us with some of these valuable additions to the health clinic here

WE have really seen a strengthening of our human resources during this trip, focusing on building strong relationships and trust. We also feel a lot of progress has been made into building strong spiritual resources and also in business acountability.  WE trust God will bless us with the capital resources we need to fulfill our vision here .

Local Lawyer ,Jude, assists Yotkom with Land Title processing
We are striving to secure land for our building project to proceed
and Trusting God to provide financial resources for this.

Anne tries out dental chair at medical clinic!
we hope to bring a dental team to Kitgum in 2014 to expnad these services and improve their quality.


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