Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lois' Lovely Kids

Andrew Purcell, Sue Carter and Andrew Wright are holding the fort here for Lois while she and Graham do the hard work in Kampala.  We are amazed at the children and the ministry of Lois Ford Tender Trust.

Oh, and major breakthrough !
we have been so encouraged today by the news that the container is on the road to Kitgum and will arrive tomorrow ready to be unpacked.  Lois and Graham will also drive back to be with us tomorrow. Should be an exciting beginning to the week.
Skype also enabled Lucas Levy back in Australia today working with an onsite mechanic, to assist with repair and maintenance of the diesel generator at Bregma.

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  1. Well done team! AW, great re your having a purpose, a plan (values - CURE process, vision, mission), people, a pipeline to do it through, and a product!....( i went to a business coach seminar yesterday!
    Every blessing, praying for You!
    john and Jill w