Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kitgum continues

We are working away busily here. Andrew P is immersed in IT challenges, helping the Yotkom drug shop and Bregma clinic with computer hardware problems and also assisting with developing business reports , monitoring and development. He is quite at home in Kitgum now, heading off on his own to buy chapati for lunch today and exploring local IT shops at ease!
 Andrew W met with the Yotkom directors, Dr Vincent , Dr Charles and Dr Peter tonight. It was very encouraging with a sense of unity and purpose as we discussed  our vision , encouraging developments and challenges we face. Some of the day was spent setting up an emergency room at Bregma, arranging  the ECG, oxygen concentrator, suction equipment and O2 sats monitors which came from Australia.
The colposcope and Slit lamp and steriliser will take some time to put into service.
 All the boxes in the storeroom were also sorted out into types of medical disposables so they can be easily be accessed  when needed. A young woman presented with severe asthma, received  adrenaline and AW was able to do some clinical teaching using ventolin via spacer with a remarkably quick response to that. our new oxygen concentrator was also quickly put into service !
Tomorrow we hope a bulldozer will do some ground breaking work at the Yotkom land site in preparation for a future purpose built clinic, God willing...and funds allowing !
thanks for support and prayers !

Please click the link to see some photos.

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