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Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Thursday, July 5, 2012

St Josephs Hospital Childrens Ward

Much of our daily life this week has been centred around the childrens ward working alongside Dr Charles and the other medical and nursing staff. We have many with malaria and its accompanying complications. Seizures can be a feature of Cerebral malaria and because the possibility of meningitis needs to be ruled out, these children need lumbar punctures to get samples of spinal fluid for analysis. Yesterday, Ben did his first LP on one of our children and fortunately it was normal and she is now improving on treatment.  We also had a child admitted today with severe malnutrition and have been able to learn from the medicos here some of the latest treatments being used to help these little ones recover and regain weight. Some children here contract HIV/AIDs virus from their infected mothers and as a result are susceptible to Tuberculosis and failure to thrive.
The team who work here permanently  are making  a huge difference to this community and work  under very difficult circumstances . Every morning we all meet for a time of talking about current new admissions and also local health challenges. Today we were told about the community outreach program for education on nutrition. Groups of mothers are helped to choose local food mixes which provide the best balance of nutrients. New crops like oranges and paw paws are planted to give a source of vitamin C. Yesterday Dr Lawrence also told us about some ways to improve vaccination coverage of the population. They have been working with local churches and came up with the idea of sending a health team to church and lining up all the children as they come out to give them vaccinations. I wonder how that would be received at our churches in australia ?

Childrens ward

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