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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby David with painful inguinal hernia
I thought  I should provide some medical input  tonight. Its a story with a good ending .  Little David who is one of our children receiving nutrition and being nurtured by local pastors wife, presented  to our clinic today in pain with a lump in the groin which had been present for 3 hours. We diagnosed  an obstructed hernia and he was rushed up to St josephs Hospital  with Dr Laurel Coleman , a physician from the US who is working here with IGF at the moment. He was operated on quickly and the bowel was saved from gangrene so it is a very pleasing outcome.
Earlier in the day, Doc Laurel, myself and the medical team members did a ward round and we found Laurel's experience in Palliative Care and AIDs patient management in the US very helpful in teaching. (Laurel also has a blog site : )
We had  quite a busy day in the clinic seeing patients and tonight we broadcast on FM radio and announced that the clinic will be receiving patients from the community from next week.  We are trusting that the inflow of patients will be manageable !      Other good news is that we have identified a great fridge for the clinic and will be ordering this .  Time is travelling fast here and each day brings new surprises and challenges  .  More updates tomorrow !
surgical treatment underway

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