Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The process of leaving started today . It all started with me waving Irene off at 7am as she was driven up to the bus to go to Kampala. She threatened to not return and leave me here for 20 years as her replacement but I dont think that will happen. Still, strange for me to be sending her off. The rest of the leadership team gradually left as the day went on and i had to pack my things as the guesthouse was being closed up while wedding fever sets into Kampala and the Kitgumites go en masse south !
I could have moved into the mens dorm but decided instead to try a night at Fuglys, one of the local hangouts for muzungus (white people) from NGOs.  Thought it would be good to check it out and do some fact finding for future trips as a possible accomodation venue---also was simply craving a touch of western comfort as the roughing it seems to be wearing a bit thin after four weeks !
I was able to spend a productive day tidying up loose ends and having a get together with the medical staff explaining the future to them and talking about values for our team . Our clinical officer and other helpers saw a few patients in the OPD while I seemed to be preoccupied with admin!
The topic of values in the medical team meeting brought some good feedback and they basically came up with the key values i had thought we could adopt. These included,  excellence, compassion/love, truth/trust,  respect, and confidentiality.
Employment contracts were also distributed . We said our goodbyes . There was some sadness leaving one of our nurses who at the age of 27 has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is 34 weeks pregnant and will need to go to Gulu to have the baby delivered early, followed by a mastectomy and then go to Kampala for chemotherapy. She already has a three year old child and it all seems so overwhelming. Just another example of the struggles of living which these people face so often. Its very confronting.
Therefore;...Beware anyone in Australia during my re- entry period  who complains to me about their tough life !
 "anyway" after all todays experiences and challenges, here i am at fuglys, just about to go to bed, having had a beautiful barbecued steak with roast potatoes and vegies and now enjoying a nice quiet room with running water....heaven !
Tomorrow an early start to get the big blue bus to kampala-- promises to be an adventure as Vincent, Joel and I make our way to the big city. No doubt i am going to miss the relationships here, but now focusing on getting home to be with my family! Missing you guys !

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