Kitgum Town

Kitgum Town
Kitgum Town

Friday, June 3, 2011

Boat ride up Nile in Africa Queen

Today we had a safari drive where we saw many of the wild African animals and then went on a boat ride up the Nile river to Murchison Falls. Andrew Rowe performed an excellent Hippo imitation in the resort pool after our river trip much to our embarrasment. Needless to say Australians will now no longer be able to stay over at Paraa Lodge Uganda. Rowena has upset the team as she was unable to successfully photograph one of only four rare Giant Kingfisher birds we passed on the river bank. Oh dear. Andrew W insists on singing the Lion King warthog song every time we see a WartHog in the scrub, which happened to be in excess of fifty times. Other team members and fellow boat passengers are sick of hearing " when i was a young wart HOG!" multiple times. Moses has also been feeling neglected as he has been excluded from quite a few team shots today.
 Despite all these testing experiences, team morale remains high!
Sorry, due to Uganda technological difficulties we have been unable to upload any photos .

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  1. Hahahahaha this is brilliant.... Sounds like Africa will not forget your presence quickly :) you have had quite in impact!!!! Poor moses do not neglect him for too long he has a top career as a cover model for leading medical magazines and needs to be seen!!! Please do try and maintain your sense of dignity father performing reenactments of a hippo in a resort pool may not be the best example of that :) also uncle andrew next time you see a lion I would advise holding up Moses and singing the circle of life just to mix it up a bit :) and mum I can't believe you missed a once In a lifetime opportunity to photograph that giant kingfisher bird I was really looking forward to that particular photo, please do try and not let the team down next time and keep your finger poised and ready on the camera at all times :)
    We are all good back here on the home front just missin you guys!!! Love you all. Try and stay out of trouble. Rissa X